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Reusable Cotton Muslin Tea Bags (set of 2)

Reusable Cotton Muslin Tea Bags (set of 2)

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this is a great eco-friendly or on-the-go option for our loose-leaf tea.

Whether you're on the go and don't have the time to mess with the careful preparations of your mesh strainer, or looking for the convenience of a disposable filter, but worried about the ecological impact all those paper bags are making, this is an excellent choice!

This set includes 2 cotton muslin tea bags that are great for a single cup, or a whole pot. Simply fill with your favorite tea, pull the strings and plop in your cup! When you're done just flip the filter inside out, rinse with clean water and you're ready to go again! Hand wash or pop them in the delicates cycle of your washing machine for a thorough deep cleaning. Just air dry and you're ready to go again!

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