Custom Teas, & Bulk Pricing

Signature Blends

Looking for a custom blend for your shop, or personal event? or maybe you just want a signature blend to provide to your guests just because you're a little *extra* that way, we've got you! Contact us or use the inquiry form below. We will work together to turn our on-hand ingredients and teas into your custom, signature blend.



Bulk discounts, Wholesale options and Affiliate Programs

We offer bulk discount options for individuals and retailers!

Local or nationwide, if you're interested, we provide! (Hey, that rhymes. How about that?) Looking to buy a whole lotta tea? We have bulk discounts for individuals or businesses on orders over $200. If you're looking to buy in bulk (1lb ore more), you can  receive up to a 30% discount for bulk orders. (this includes custom made blends, as well as anything else we stock) 

  • For more information on bulk discounts, please use the inquiry form below, and let us know what you're looking for!

We also have an affiliate program! If you are an influencer, or public personality that is interested in helping us get the word out about our tea, we'd love to work with you!

  • For more information on our affiliate program**, please use the below inquiry form to open the conversation, and get started! 


*Please note that the delivery time for large orders will be a longer than a typical personal order, and does vary depending on the order. A delivery estimate will be provided during consultation.
**Please note that we may need information pertinent to your business or platform such as a Tax ID number, and/or minimum number of followers for verification. blending and shipping times vary, but will exceed the normal estimate for personal orders.

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