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Quanzhou Milk Oolong Tea

Quanzhou Milk Oolong Tea

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There is a beautiful legend about this rare and luscious tea: Centuries ago, the moon fell in love with a comet passing through the night sky. The comet, as comets are wont to do, passed by in a flash of sparks and fire, burned out, and vanished. The moon in her sorrow at losing her love, caused a great wind to blow through the hills and valleys dropping the temperature quite suddenly in the tea fields. The next morning, the local farmers went out to collect their tea and to their surprise, when they had processed the tea it had developed an amazing milky quality which they attributed to the motherly character of the moon. Thus, this milk oolong tea was born. Velvety, smooth, and creamy are just the start of the characteristics of this tea. Hints of orchids and a dreamlike sweetness finish the cup, and leave you longing for more.

Ingredients: Oolong tea

Caffeine content: medium
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