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Heart Shaped Infuser Spoon

Heart Shaped Infuser Spoon

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This sweet heart-shaped tea infuser spoon is just the thing for infusing your tea with just a touch of whimsicality.

They are made of good quality stainless steel that will last through multiple uses and washes.

Simply open the heart-shaped basket, fill with your favorite loose-leaf tea and clamp closed. Add to your cup of hot water and you're ready for your perfect cup of tea! Empty the leaves out and rinse with warm water when you're done, and you're ready for another cup. Hand wash with warm soapy water, or pop in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning (yes, they're dishwasher safe!)
PLEASE DO NOT PUT IN THE MICROWAVE (though really, why are you microwaving your tea in the first place?)

Please note that while the holes are small enough to keep most of the tea leaves in, there will be some small sediment or smaller broken leaves that escape depending on the type of tea you're brewing. Not ideal for anything containing rooibos tea as the small leaves may escape. For a "cleaner" cup of tea, try our muslin or disposable bags.
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