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Silver Moonlight Wild White Tea

Silver Moonlight Wild White Tea

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This is a beautiful example of white tea. Slightly toasty with light almond notes and a wild finish. It’s a beautiful cup for the evenings.
There is a beautiful and tragic legend behind this tea: There was a young maiden from a small village near the base of a mountain. She was the only child of a local farmer and his wife. She fell ill one winter, and as the road to their village was unreachable in the wintertime, the doctor was unable to help. In desperation, the farmer decided to climb the mountain to reach the old shaman that lived near it’s peak. The climb took nearly a week with the farmer having to carry his ailing daughter the whole way. By the time they reached the shaman, the maiden had died. Distraught, the farmer spoke to the shaman anyway and whale there was nothing she could do to bring the girl back to life, she told the farmer that if he buried his daughter at the top of the mountain as an offering to the gods, he would be rewarded by them for his loyalty to his only child. The shaman assured him that with her body laying so close to the heavens, her spirit would rise into the clouds to become moonlight, and wherever the moonlight touched the earth in the spring, tea would blossom. The man did as the shaman said and made the journey back to his home. Weeks later, after the snow had melted ,they woke one warm morning to find their yard filled with shoots of new tea. They harvested a bowl full of the leaves and found them delicious when brewed in water. They decided to call the tea Silver Moonlight in honor of their daughter and from that day forward their daughter was with them always.

Ingredients: White tea

Caffeine content: low
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