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Pu-ehr Aged 3 years - Black Tea

Pu-ehr Aged 3 years - Black Tea

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A refined tea, praised for it's earthiness. Pu-ehr is aged and fermented which is where it gets it's signature earthy and almost mushroom-like notes. Musky and bold, with notes of toasted bread, and a mineral earthiness.  Much like a fine wine, pu-ehr only gets better with age and is said to be at its best when aged 3, 5 or even more years. This particular tea has been aged for 3 years and is a tea that is unlike any other. (because of the microbiome contained within pu-ehr tea, we do not suggest you consume pu-ehr if you have sensitivities or allergies to penicillin or mushrooms.)

Ingredients: Black Tea

Caffiene content: High

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