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Yerba Mate - Herbal Tea

Yerba Mate - Herbal Tea

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Zesty and vegetal, slightly spicy with a caffeine kick that will keep you going without the crash of coffee and energy drinks! it's said that yerba mate also promotes mental clarity but we just think it's a great pick-me-up! Yerba mate has been used in South America for centuries as a caffeinated beverage - Fun fact: The plant itself is a member of the holly family! Traditionally, Yerba Mate is enjoyed from a vessel made from a gourd. The leaves are steeped in hot water, and rather than straining them out like traditional tea, they are left in the gourd and sipped through a straining straw called a bombilla. It's been South America's pick-me-up drink before even coffee was discovered!

Ingredients: Green Yerba Mate

Caffeine content: High

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