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Decaf Irish Breakfast - Decaffeinated Black Tea Blend

Decaf Irish Breakfast - Decaffeinated Black Tea Blend

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The original breakfast tea (or as the Irish call it…tea.), and the tea that inspired Queen Victoria to adopt the English version of this blend. A little malty and earthy and slightly bolder than its English counterpart. Yes, it’s great on its own, but to really enjoy this blend, add a splash of milk. 

In order to get the desired strength of an Irish Breakfast tea, this tea is cut very finely to maximize surface area. you might find that it steeps best in a cotton or paper filter, or a very fine stainless steel mesh infuser. Other types of infusers may result in a "dirtier" leafier cup. (which is drinkable as well.)

Ingredients: Black Tea

Caffeine content: None

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